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A Typical Experience was created by Kristie May in 2019, after she wanted to share her travelling journeys and online business learnings with the world.

Kristie May has been to 38 countries, and operates 7 online businesses through her Company Kristie Management Group Pty Ltd.

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Kristie May

Kristie was born in Australia, and spent the majority of her childhood living in South East Queensland.

As a child, she travelled with her family locally, and to New Zealand.

She began independently exploring the world in 2006, and has lived and worked in various parts of Australia and the UK.  

Kristie’s typical travelling style was solo and group tours, however this has now changed to family travel since her daughter was born in 2020.

Kristie started her first online business in 2009 called Lingerie and Gowns.  

Kristie now operates 7 online businesses, all with slightly different content and audiences.

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Travel Map

Travel Map

Personal Brand & Online Businesses

Kristie's Travel and Business Timeline

From the Gold Coast to Victoria

Moved from the Gold Coast for a short stint of living and working in country Victoria.

Moved back to the Gold Coast after a couple of months of experience.

First Independent Overseas Trip

Contiki, Shamrocker and Haggis Tours (5 weeks of travelling). 

 Travelled through Ireland, Scotland, UK and Europe.

Started First Online Business

First online business called Lingerie and Gowns (dresses, lingerie and accessories), based in Brisbane, Australia.

Moved to London

Living and working in London, plus additional solo and group travel in Europe, Africa and Canada, including attending Oktoberfest. Some trips via Topdeck Travel.

Worked as a High School Maths Teacher & Pub Bartender, plus continued to operate Lingerie and Gowns from the UK.

Moved back to Australia

Back to Brisbane, Australia and into full-time employment.

Still running Lingerie and Gowns.

Solomon Islands Wedding

A trip to the Solomon Islands to attend a local wedding.

Rebranded to a Company

Rebranded Lingerie and Gowns to Australian Designer Bridal and Formal, and re-launched as a Company.

Kristie also launched two designer dress labels, and an online Wedding Supplier Directory.

Moved to Canberra

Moved from Brisbane to Canberra, Australia.

Hawaii Wedding

Off to the USA, Mexico and then to Hawaii as a guest for a destination wedding.

Second Online Business

Kristie started another creative business to supplement Australian Designer Bridal and Formal with handmade accessories, which went through a couple of name iterations.

New Zealand Weddings

Off to New Zealand twice for family weddings.

Asia Trip

Planned and organised travel to six countries in Asia.

More Online Businesses

Kristie created some additional online businesses including a Personal Brand.

These businesses have since been iterated a couple of times.

Thailand Group Trip

A trip to Thailand with a group of friends.

Canada and Alaska

Travel to Canada to meet friends, plus some solo and group travel in Canada and Alaska.

Japan Trip

A trip to Japan with some friends.

Moved back to Brisbane

Moved from Canberra back to Brisbane, Australia to be with family.

Japan and South Korea

Another trip to Japan for some solo travel, and then to South Korea with a friend.

Personal Brand and Coaching

Kristie re-launched her Personal Brand in 2017, which was followed by a Coaching business in 2018.

Eastern Europe

Two tours with Tucan Travel to Eastern Europe.

Online Businesses

Kristie iterated her original online businesses and Personal Brand, and launched the seven businesses you see today.

Australian and Local Travel

Due to COVID-19, travel has been restricted to Australia.

In 2020, travelling became a family affair after the birth of her first child in 2020.

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Kristie May is looking forward to sharing her passion for travelling and creating online businesses with you.

Connect with us to learn some tips and tricks for travel and business.

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